Be an informed advocate of the Youth Apprenticeship Summer Program and learn about skilled trades, apprenticeship, and experiential learning opportunities for youth! Become part of a unique opportunity to support students in navigating skilled trades career opportunities.


  • Encourage students to apply for summer employment
  • Assist students with the application program, resume writing, and interview preparation.
  • Provide a reference letter for students accepted into the program.

Educator Testimonials

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to refer students to the YASP this year – practical, real-world experience in the trades plays a vital role in helping students make decisions about their future, and the chance to take on a full-time paid position in their field of interest makes it that much better. The YASP allows students to see what work in the trades is really like, and it exposes them to the job in ways that I could never hope to achieve in my classroom. More than this, it introduces them to tradespeople currently working in the field, and to those working in complementary trades that they might not have even been aware were career options.

Ms. Hyslop