Website Content Editing Guide

Task List

Online Image Tools:


Edit YASP Pages

  • from left sidebar >click YASP
  • from the list of YASP pages, hover over title of page to edit > Click Edit
  • if WP editor appears, edit content as desired
  • if the green ‘Edit with Thrive Architect’ button appears, click it and edit content as desired – if you make a mistake do not save, exit the page without saving

Change Header Image

  • Change the featured image (found in the WP Editor)
  • Image width should be 1920px – height should be at least 700px
  • Where possible use a .jpg file rather than a .png

Add Stories & Testimonials

  • From left sidebar >click Testimonials > Add New
  • Enter name of the Student, Employer or Teacher in Title Field
  • In the content box add the quote
  • to the right, under Testimonial Categories, select the applicable category
  • once saved the testimonial/story will appear in the applicable slider based on the category selected

Staff Members

Add a New Staff Member

  • from left sidebar >click Staff Members > Add New
  • Enter name of staff member in Title Field
  • Enter position and email in applicable fields
  • Click ‘Set Featured Image’ and upload headshot. Image should be a square, recommended size 800 x 800px. Where possible upload as a .jpg file, not .png.
  • Once saved, the staff member will automatically appear on the About page

Edit Existing Staff Member

  • From left sidebar >click Staff Members > All Staff Members
  • Hover over the staff member name > click Edit
  • Edit fields as desired and click ‘Update’

Change order of staff on About page

  • Staff Members appear based on the published date with the most recent last. To change the order adjust the published date.


Add/Edit News Item

  • From left sidebar >click Posts > Add New
  • Add post title and content using the WP editor – see video library on using different block types
  • to the right, under Categories, select ‘News’
  • Add featured image – recommend 800px wide, .jpg

Interactive Map (Tuk’s Corner)

  • From left sidebar >click ‘Draw Attention’ > All Images
  • Hover over Tuk’s Corner > click ‘Edit’
  • Under Hotspot Areas, click on the clickable area you want to edit
  • Edit Content Are as Desired
  • To add a new clickable area > click ‘Add Another Area’
  • Select one one of the shape icons > place on the map (the are to make clickable)
  • Add content as desired

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