Skilled Futures - Skills Canada NL

The goal of the Skilled Futures program is to offer junior high and high school aged students across the province the opportunity to engage in interactive skilled trade and technology workshops. SCNL is expanding the brand-new Skilled Futures program to tackle many relevant career options for students upon its official launch. Skilled Futures offers focused workshops for female students and inclusive events for co-ed students.

Skills Canada Newfoundland and Labrador will be delivering the Skilled Futures province-wide and would love to partner with any post-secondary or training institution to plan a career exploration event for both students and community organizations.

Skilled Futures is brand new program for SCNL and will be officially launching Fall 2019. The program will be offered province-wide from September to June and encourages students to participate hands-on in a wide variety of career areas. A Skilled Futures event would feature a series of interactive workshops created by instructors that aim to educate, immerse, and inspire students of all skillsets about career opportunities. Upon participation, students will receive in-person experience of the featured skill at work and will leave with new knowledge of its value in the workforce and skilled careers. Following the presentation, mentors will be invited in to chat with students about experiences working in their specialized field and will be able to connect closer with those interested. In some cases, these could be people working directly in the industry or students of a post-secondary institution. Additionally, Students will receive lunch compliments of Skills Canada.

Hear from students of Skilled Futures!

"I loved it and had so much fun! I would totally recommend this! Everything was awesome and I will definitely be back again!"

"Don't think any less of yourself because you’re a girl, you can do anything you set your mind to."                                                                      

"I think this is a great way to show women that they have more options and can do more. I had a great time!"                                                                

"I just want to say to always follow your heart and go do what you want to pursue."

"I had lots of fun and really enjoyed listening to the women who shared their experiences."

Teachers who are attending the Skilled Futures event with their students will receive a package before the event. This package will have materials to help them prepare for the event as well as materials to provide following the one-event to allow students to reflect their learning experience. This will ensure that students can get the most out of what they learned during the event. On many occasions, students will be participating in hands on activities that they may never knew existed before participating in a Skilled Futures event, this will give them the opportunity to think about potential careers.

To learn more about our Skilled Futures event please contact our Program Coordinator, Rebecca Lawlor at