Skills Canada NL

ENTER:Preneur is a program created by Skills Canada NL and the NL Association of CBDCs, aimed at encouraging youth to consider skilled careers as pathways to business ownership. 

ENTER:Preneur provides young tradespersons and technologists with the tools and knowledge to translate their skills into successful self-employment. This is accomplished by merging skilled trades and technology with professional business development in the form of interactive events for youth, instructors and education administration at the secondary and post-secondary level.

This program highlights the great opportunities for skilled youth to become successful business owners, inspiring a new generation of skilled workers to ensure Canada's continued economic prosperity. As skilled youth develop into successful business owners in their fields, the remain connected to their community and actively create positive change, providing in-demand services and employment opportunities.

These skilled business owners will be positive influencers and mentors for future generation of the Skills movement.

For more information on how to get involved with our ENTER:Preneur program, please contact Program Coordinator, Jordan Collier at jordanc@skillscanada.com

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