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SCNL partners with the NL Association of CBDCs to bring ENTER:Preneur and Dragons' Lair simulations to youth across the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

To book, contact Joshua Ivany

ENTER:Preneur provides young tradespersons and technologists with the necessary tools and knowledge to translate their skills into successful self-employment. We offer interactive events for youth, instructors and education administration that merge applied skilled areas in trades and technology with quality professional business development. ENTER:Preneur is geared towards inspiring students in the secondary and post-secondary level and is a delivered by collaborative partners Skills Canada NL and NL association of CBDC’s.

Skills Canada NL strives to deliver focused elements from our ENTER: Preneur program across Newfoundland and Labrador to intermediate, secondary and Post-Secondary students and apprentices.

This program highlights the great opportunities for skilled youth to become successful business owners, inspiring a new generation of skilled workers to ensure Canada's continued economic prosperity. The Enter:Prenur program offers:

Apprenticeship conferences – Provides young tradespersons and technologists with the tools and knowledge to become successfully self-employed.

Dragons’ Lair Simulations – Simulation where students pitch their business idea to a panel of local entrepreneurs

Lunch and Learn Seminars – Session for school administrators that encourage them to explore skilled careers with their students as a means of becoming a self-employed professional.

As skilled youth grow into successful business owners in their fields, they will foster a strong connection to their community are further inspired to create positive change. Students impacted by ENTER:Preneur will have a new mindset behind their growing skillset and start career paths in areas which provide in-demand services and employment opportunities.

These skilled business owners will be positive influencers and mentors for future generation of the Skills movement.

For further information on our Enter: Preneur program, please contact Joshua Ivany at joshuai@skillscanada.com.

Hear from Students of ENTER:Preneur

"I loved this session! It gave me great ideas for my future"

"It got our creative minds going."

"The handouts made it easy and let me clarify my ideas. The facilitators were helpful."

"Learned a lot about what you can have in life if you put your mind to it and work for it"

It was a very useful conference, that was very informative!

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