Public speaking is the process of speaking to an audience in a deliberate way so that you inform, influence, or entertain.

The ability to communicate effectively is a critical skill in today’s workplace. Potential employers are looking for employees who have a variety of general skills and abilities. Transferable skills, such as interpersonal communications, organizational, analytical and problem-solving abilities, can be applied to many different jobs. 

Effective public speaking occurs when a speaker is well organized and confident to present the substance of the speech to an audience. The main idea of your speech is referred to as the thesis. This is often one sentence that uses specific language, a single idea, and is audience-centered. The main body of your speech must be focused upon the thesis.

Reading from a prepared speech is a formal way to deliver your message. This is also viewed as effective when your desire is to control your speech content. In this instance, the speaker must be careful to not jeopardize spontaneity and conversational elements. 

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