A career in baking offers a variety of areas in which to specialize. Bakers are responsible for making breads, bagels, pretzels, cakes, muffins, cookies and pastries as well as chocolate and candy, sugar sculptures and icing. They can prepare many different baked goods or specialize in just one. Depending on their experience and training, they may hire, train and supervise other baking personnel, order and control supplies and stock, and price the various products as well.

Bakers are not only required to follow recipes, but in many instances to also create them. They first prepare the dough or batter by using tools and equipment such as cake rounds, pastry papers, and an assortment of cooking and mixing utensils, and then cook them at precise temperatures for a specific amount of time. They also make icing or frosting for the many desserts that need it, and then apply it with a piping bag in intricate designs.

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